Alex Berman Email 10K Value

The Email Sequence Alex Berman Uses to Book Sales Calls with Billion Dollar Brands
Here’s what you get:
Phase 1 Product & Business Setup
Phase 2 Email Lead Gen Mastery
Phase 3 Sales Mastery
Phase 4 Scaling & Growth
You Get Our Documents
“ I just did a Sunday sales call – followed the script this time based on the training and… $2,750.00 Paid instantly.”
“ Thanks to your advice I was able to book meetings with the Polish branches of Honda and Proctor & Gamble!”
“ Just closed 6k from yesterday. I’m literally sitting here laughing. Such a beautiful follow up.”

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Andrej Ilisin Authority SEO 2

SEO Strategies To Take Your Website From Zero To 100,000 Visitors Per Month
Read these three statements, and then ask yourself this: “What applies to me?”
“I struggle to attract enough traffic to my site.”
“I want to build a website that makes money.”
“My SEO campaigns keep falling flat.”
If you agree with even one of the above, I’ve got good news for you:

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Bradley Benner Local GMB Pro

Find Out How You Can Get More Leads Than Ever Before From Google Without Spending All That Time And Money On Traditional SEO
Generate Converting Leads For Your Business
If you want to generate leads from Google for a local business, you need this course. Not only will you generate more leads for you or your clients business, but you will do it without expensive and time consuming traditional SEO methods.

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Glen Allsopp SEO Detailed Blueprint

“I Want Cutting Edge SEO Tactics That Are Actually Ranking Websites.”
A proven, step-by-step system with exclusive, cutting-edge SEO tactics you can start using today”
This is not some boring “Here’s what a title tag is” training course.
If you know my previous work, then you know I wouldn’t dream of putting something like that out to the world.
Detailed Blueprint covers insights that have never been included in any other SEO training program.

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Flux Academy The $10K Website Process

Master The Art of Designing Websites That Demand High Prices
Does this sound like you?
You can spot an amazing website when you see one, but you have a hard time creating that kind of work on your own.
You don’t feel like you have what it takes to create websites you could confidently charge high prices for.
You cringe every time you face a blank canvas, and can’t break up with templates and comparing yourself to other designers.
You dread client calls because you struggle to justify your rates, communicate your value, and explain why clients should hire you.
You want to master all that goes into creating stunning websites, but there’s just not enough time to go through all the design blogs out there and read the Everest-sized pile of design books on your nightstand.

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Divi University Divi Blueprint 3

This course is for you if…
You’re an online entrepreneur, small business owner, freelance designer or hobbyist looking to design professional looking websites. Divi has tools that make it easy for you to create pages and layouts but if you don’t know how to combine them, you will not get the result you are looking for and this might make you frustrated.
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